You're a developer, you deserve the best. Here's the best Visual Studio Code extensions that any developer should have in todays age.

Git Extension Pack

The Git Extension Pack by Don Jayamanne provides the most essential extensions for working with git, including:

  1. Git History (git log) - View git log, file or line history.
  2. Project Manager - Easily switch between projects.
  3. GitLens - GitLens supercharges the built-in Visual Studio Code Git capabilities. It helps you to visualize code authorship at a glance via inline Git blame annotations and code lens, seamlessly navigate and explore the history of a file or branch, gain valuable insights via powerful comparision commands, and so much more.
  4. gitignore - Language support for .gitignore files. Lets you pull .gitignore files from the repository.
  5. Open in GitHub / Bitbucket / - Jump to a source code line in Github / Bitbucket /


If you haven't used it already, you likely will in the future. Docker is becoming apart of developers everyday workflow. Docker provides easy syntax highlighting, commands, hover tips and more right inside of Visual Studio Code!

Markdown Lint

We've all done it, we've all made mistakes when working with Markdown. Fear no more, with Markdown Lint, you get linting and style checking right inside of Visual Studio Code.

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

Ever had to deal with nested brackets? It gets messy. With Bracket Pair Colorizer 2, you can see all the different brackets in unique colours automatically!


You're currently on the 4th indent... I think? Think no more! Indenticator will show you the current indentation you're on – letting you track code easy!


Ever had a few editors opened and lost track? We've all been there. Peacock by John Papa changes the editor colours slightly, so you can track visually which editor is opened in which project.


Have you seen any .editorconfig files laying around? I leave them everywhere. It helps standardize the formatting used by editors, and most editors respect the settings. Adding EditorConfig to Visual Studio Code will try to override default settings, in favour of the .editorconfig file.

Settings Sync

Sync your Visual Studio Code extensions across computers – and even share it with friends. Settings Sync creates a Github Gist with all your settings, you just connect your Github account and hit sync from remote computers, all your personalized settings are there!

Team Chat for Slack, Discord, and Live Share

Use Slack, Discord or Live Share? Hate having to escape your IDE when you need to read & reply to messages? Me too. With Team Chat, your messages are available inline, in Visual Studio Code. Never leave your IDE again!

Remote Development by Microsoft

Ever needed to write code on a different server and needed to make tunnels, syncing, or have a really hard time configuring your IDE to do it? Microsoft wants to make this easy, by adding in native support for remote development – develop over SSH, in Containers, and using WSL – all automatically done for you!



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