As some of you may be aware, I'm an avid home labber, this means I try to host everything in my house. At one point, I had over 12u of servers, now I've decided to downsize.

Downsizing from 12u to 1

It's a difficult but rewarding process, the power consumption and noise level allows for freer funds, and less restrictions on where we can live, as these are production machines. My current network is 1 Gbit symmetrical, which works perfectly, one static IP address, and a /24 routed via a cloud server to me. It's not perfect, but it worked. Now it no longer works, the last server at home will remain just for local backups of our machines - nothing fancy.

Heading to the cloud

Due to the cheap prices of cloud servers, it outweighed the cost of hosting at home with very expensive internet. For starters, I've picked up a SYS box with 32 GB of RAM, 3x2T with Softraid, and purchased a /28, this is more than enough to serve my and my families needs - along with a few friends I sponsor equipment to. It just works perfectly, no need to worry about network speeds, I backup my local server to it remotely, and it runs KVM containers for production services, each with a dedicated IP address. OVH provides a great VAC filter, so all I have to run is minimal, I intend to setup snort, and using fail2ban for securing most things. Using ansible to manage and coordinate everything already setup.


Homelabbing is a fun, but expensive hobby - it's much more cost effective currently to head to the cloud. I did consider colocation, but a simple 1U where I live would cost $100 per month, with 1Mbps bandwidth max - versus up to $70 per month for 32 GB ram, 3x2TB, /28 IPs (IP addresses were free).



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