It's official, I'm hanging up my love for vim in exchange for VS Code. Code has won me over, especially the insiders edition.

I spent 4 hours today tweaking my Code configuration and extensions, here's what I found worked the best for my usage (PHP, Node, Python development):

1. Remote Development Pack (SSH)

2. Colorized Pair Brackets 2 (Colories multiple brackets, eg: ( ( (, becomes three different colors, that match on closing brackets)

3. Indenticator (Shows your current indentation level)

4. Git lens and Git Development Pack (provides tons of functionality for Git, including Reviewing, Project Management, inline blame, etc)

5. Python

6. Material Design (Darker w/ High Contrast)

7. Material Design Icons

8. Peacock (Changes VS Code colors slightly when running multiple instances)

9. ESLint

10. Docker

11. EditorConfig (Adds support for .editorconfig files, and tries to override VS Code settings)

12. PHP Intellisense (Adds better PHP support, signature assistance, symbol searching, go to definition, etc..)

13. phpcs (Linter)

14. Markdown Lint

15. Docker

16. Azure

17. Settings Sync (Share your settings file in a gist, and use it everywhere)

This is what works for me, and the list is expanding. These work universally across all three platforms I use, and I can sync them very easily.

Remember when developing, put Git lens into Zen mode, it makes the UI less distracting for Git, and switching to Review mode when reviewing let's you have very good oversight over whos done what, and it's very fast!

Next on my list will be exploring Team Chat for Slack extension, it would be great to not have to exit Code to answer messages, even when developing on remote machines.



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